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WELCOME to the Emoclear Forums!

Please visit Email Steve Mensing at [email protected] Email the emowebby at [email protected]

The Emoclear Processes Forum is for discussions about Emoclear processes and how to get optimum results from them. Questions about non Emoclear processes and posts not ringing emotionally true will be deleted. This forum is for Emoclear process instruction.

The Ask Steve Mensing Forum is for asking Steve Mensing, the Emoclear processes developer, questions related to emotional processing, growth, and well-being. Newbie questions and instructional questions are for the Emoclear Process Forum only. Because of forum space requirements, some posts are deleted or moved in all the forums daily.

The Website Stuff Forum is for posting processes to the website or to notify the webmaster of any website issues.

NOTE: You do NOT need a password or to be a registered user to post and or to read. No registration required. To be an unregistered user log in as uunregistered. Password: emoclear

FORUM RULES: The following are prohibited and will be deleted: Personal attacks, email addresses, inappropriate screen names, screen names mentioning products, copyrighted material, political, paranormal, or religious posts, advertising/spamming, and off topic posts. The forum is maintained in a manner suitable for all ages to view. Thank you.

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